Ruby on Rails

We have these two gems(and many others) to get the original url from the short url.I have used both of these two gems and its works fine.

But I was getting the error like this.”URI::InvalidURIError in FoosController#foo(action)” or “bad URI for the expurrel gem” or “bad URI for the longurl gem”, then I passed shorturl as an argument after use 'gsub' operation on the shorturl.

For Example,

one shorturl like @str = “” then try for the following code:
@short_url = @str.to_s.gsub("(","").gsub(")","")
if you use Expurrel gem then:
e =
and if you use Longurl gem then:
e =

that's it!!!

Such error was ocuuring because sometimes user enters the shorturl within “( )” brackets and gem can not expand such a URL so it gives “Bad URI” error.

I hope it would help anyone.

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